Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is one of those times, when life is bittersweet. Yesterday was Roving Docs birthday, and with all the fun of good wishes, also came the memories of losing his sweet father last year. Dad took off for his final flight 2/4/11, and we still miss him every day. Docs daughter sent him a book of poems for his birthday, and this one seemed appropriate. Dad, this one is for you.

After Your Death

The first time we said your name
you broke through the flat crust of your grave
and rose, a movable statue,
walking and talking among us.

Since then you've grown a little.
We keep you slightly larger
than life-size, reciting bits of your story,
our favorite odds and ends.
Of all your faces we've chosen one
for you to wear, a face wiped clean
of sadness. Now you have no other.

You're in our power. Do we
terrify you, do you wish
for another face? Perhaps
you want to be left in darkness.

But you have no say in the matter.
As long as we live, we keep you
from dying your real death,
which is being forgotten. We say,
we don't want to abandon you,
when we mean we can't let you go.

Lisel Mueller

We also say goodbye to our sister-in laws mother this week. I wish we could have gotten her up to our little farm. She was a true country girl. I wish she could have taught me a few things about canning, cooking, cows and chickens. Emma Lu, we'll see you in the stars tonight.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two Gramas

Hi from Dallas! Grama Happy (that's me, farm wife) and Grama Betsy (my daughters mother-in-law) are in Dallas to babysit the grandsons. Neither one of us thought we could go it solo, so we decided to go man on man defense.....(or in this case, boy on grama defense) So far so good! Jack and Sarah are in Cancun taking a well deserved vacation. Here are some photos of the week so far.

Yum......Grama Happy and Walker made pie dough cookies.

Charlie gets some exercise with the punching ball.

Grama Betsy gives the boys a piano lesson. (you can see who's concentrating the most!)

Charlie ringing the dinner bell, (in his left hand, I might add!)

And a big thumbs up for Team Grama!

Walker meets Snow White at the Dallas Arboretum. They are doing their Christmas season, and had several storybook castles.

Walker also checks out Dasher who was on loan from Santa for the day.

Grama Happy and Walker really like the Mermaid throne.

Walker has a great time in the Pioneer park going through the old cabins.

Grama Betsy and Walker peeking out of Hansel and Gretels cottage.

Two Gramas and a boy in Cinderells carriage.

See ya next time!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finding a sink for our new bathroom

I'm a little ashamed of myself. It's been months since I've blogged! But, the Farm is now wired, and I have no excuse for not blogging . We have state of the art, fiber optic internet, right here in the boonies of Eastern Oregon. So....Hello again, from the Farm.
We are doing a little remodel. The bathroom in the farmhouse, is not exactly the most functional space for a lot of company, so we are adding a bigger bath with a shower and bathtub with lots of room. I wanted to do something a little more useful with the vanity sink. Something big enough to bathe a baby or do a little laundry, and also unique. So I went online and found a vintage sink just like I wanted. Unfortunately, it had a big crack, was expensive (not to mention the shipping for a cast iron sink) and it was already sold. But the seed was planted. A few days later, on my way to town, I saw a sink......looked like what I wanted, but was across the river and up a gorge....hmmmm, it's worth checking out. So we put on our rubber waders and over the river we went. Here are the photos of our shopping trip, Eastern Oregon style.

Here is the sink I found online.

Heading up the gap, to take a look.

Hmmmm...looks ok....

100 yards down the hill, time for a break. It's really heavy.

We check out a Magpie nest on our next break.

Crossed part of the river, rested on the island before we tackle the deeper crossing.


One more leg. Phew!

Did I say it was heavy....

Finally, we make it to the road and car. finger is right on the spot where we started. Quite a hike with a cast iron sink for two old folks. We must be nuts...right?
Wrong! We are amazing! It's going to be perfect. I'll post photos when it finally finds its home in our bathroom.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cattle Drives and Bermuda

I know, I know....It's been way too long since I last blogged. So sorry!
It's been beautiful here at the farm. While the Doc is away, the wife's been at play! Lot's of weeding and planting, getting ready for Spring. I may even mow soon.
I got to go up with the cowboys last week to watch them drive the cattle up into the hills. It was a gorgeous day and the scenery through the Snake River region is spectacular. It was a real treat for me, and I know Hubby Doc would have loved to have been there. He also would have been some help, all I could do was take photos.

Hubby Doc is off to Bermuda again,( without his beloved wife ) I'm sure he's miserable without me! So since I am not there to get some great new shots, I dug into my archive and selected a few from last years trip. He's been working his brains out, not only at the clinic, but also at the Hospital in the ER. Last year he only worked the clinic, so this is a new experience. He is enjoying working with the other docs at the hospital.

Happy Spring to you all.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Blessing

Soon after losing Dad, we blessed our newest member into the Universe. Charles Baird Greenman was born on August 4th in Dallas, Texas. He was born with several challenges, but is growing stronger every day. He and his Mama traveled to Cayucos, California for a blessing/fundraiser for his upcoming surgery.

While in Cayucos, Hubby and I helped our kids work on their restaurant renovation. Schooners Wharf will be back up and running soon with a brand new kitchen. We built a hostess station for the dining room, and had a lot of fun just being there with the the kids.

Rites of Passage

February was an emotional month for us. Sadly, we lost Hubby Docs beloved Father, Obbie O. Atkinson. He died from injuries sustained in an small airplane crash. An amazing tribute was held at the Estrella Warbird Museum, attended by a couple hundred people. He was one of the driving forces in getting the museum to its present state. Several buildings, full of memorabilia, a library, and many beautiful old airplanes. He also was a member of the Freedom Flight pilots, who did fly overs for services of deceased military men. Fifteen airplanes were involved in the fly over for Dad. Quite a tribute, indeed. We'll miss you Dad, happy flying with all your angel buddies.

Obbie O. 12-16-25 2-4-11

Marine flag ceremony

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joining the St. Mary's Team

Hubby Doc starts the new year with a contract with St. Marys in Cottonwood, Idaho. They love him, he loves them, so it's a perfect match. He will work on a part time basis, which will still give him time to work an occasional job with Vista, and work on our place in Oregon. It's a four and a half hour commute, so he is home on weekends, or I can slip up for a visit. I am visiting right now, so I'll show a few pictures of my trip up.

Came upon these guys while driving along the Snake River.

Hubby Doc sees them all the time, but this was my first sighting.

The bald eagles are back too, I saw about a dozen in all. Watched several fishing in the Snake.

This is an abandoned train station in Council. So picturesque in the snow.

Sunset in the rear view mirror.