Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Blessing

Soon after losing Dad, we blessed our newest member into the Universe. Charles Baird Greenman was born on August 4th in Dallas, Texas. He was born with several challenges, but is growing stronger every day. He and his Mama traveled to Cayucos, California for a blessing/fundraiser for his upcoming surgery.

While in Cayucos, Hubby and I helped our kids work on their restaurant renovation. Schooners Wharf will be back up and running soon with a brand new kitchen. We built a hostess station for the dining room, and had a lot of fun just being there with the the kids.

Rites of Passage

February was an emotional month for us. Sadly, we lost Hubby Docs beloved Father, Obbie O. Atkinson. He died from injuries sustained in an small airplane crash. An amazing tribute was held at the Estrella Warbird Museum, attended by a couple hundred people. He was one of the driving forces in getting the museum to its present state. Several buildings, full of memorabilia, a library, and many beautiful old airplanes. He also was a member of the Freedom Flight pilots, who did fly overs for services of deceased military men. Fifteen airplanes were involved in the fly over for Dad. Quite a tribute, indeed. We'll miss you Dad, happy flying with all your angel buddies.

Obbie O. 12-16-25 2-4-11

Marine flag ceremony