Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Farm Doc

Well, Roving Doc is at home on our farm and loving it! His latest gig has been helping our friend, Karen with lambing. She is an acupuncturist, and he's a GP, so these ewes are in good hands! He'll be back to doctoring people soon, but in the mean time, it's good to keep your skills up.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Last Few Days in Grandview

Well Hubby Doc is wrapping it up. Here are a few last shots of the area.

Home away from home.

Beautiful clouds north of Grandview.

Cool barn in Grandview.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Grandview, What's it all about?

Grandview is situated in a huge valley. Amazing agricultural area. Driving around on the backroads, you'll see farm after farm. Lots of cattle, and they can grow most anything. It's really beautiful. The photo of the tall poles, is a hop field. The hops grow up the poles like beans. In the summer those will all be covered in green vines to the very top. Of course there are lots of grapes and orchards too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week Two at the Grandview Clinic

Hubby Doc made it through his first week, and is well into week two. Things are going well, but as usual, the computer system is always the tough part. I think I mentioned before, every clinic has their own system and they are drastically different. But, by golly he's getting it down. Even the people who work there say it's a monster.
I loved being with him the first week, but I went back home over the weekend, so I could fly to Dallas and see my daughter and her family. Hubby Doc will drive to Seattle this weekend to see his daughter and her man. So, we both will have some quality time with our girls.
One more week after that, and this assignment will be over.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome to Grandview, Washington!

Well, we hit the road again. Left our sweet little place in Oregon, and headed out on a new assignment.
I can't tell you much about the job yet, so I'll fill you in on our digs. Vista knocked this one 'Outa da park'. We are staying at a darling B&B, out in the countryside. This is a big wine area, so, we are surrounded by agricultural properties. Cows, hops and grapes. Our apartment is the bottom floor of an old farmhouse that has been totally redone. Apparently, the owners bought the house for $1.00 and moved it from another location. It is sweet and cozy. Oh, by the way, did I mention it's called the Cozy Rose Inn.
We love the two person hot tub, and the beds are really comfy. Our hosts have thought of everything! So many nice touches. Fruit, water and coffee already to go in the morning. And......OMG!......chocolate chip cookies wrapped up on a plate next to our bed. Man, was I happy to find those!
Check it out!