Monday, June 21, 2010

Back to Grandview, Washington

Well, it's back to work for Hubby Doc. A return trip to Grandview, Washington this time, for just a week. I'm not with him to take summer photos, but I will remind you with a few shots I took last time. I'm sure the vines and hops are green now, so use your imagination.
I'm in Santa Rosa visiting my son and his girlfriend. They are working the summer theater at the college. Saw 'Forever Plaid' last night and it was darling! What energy those kids have. Son is props master, and girlfriend is lighting designer for SRT.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Farm Fun!

Hubby Doc is off to an assignment next week, but before that happens, we had time for entertaining. First my brother and his lovely wife came for a few days. (not long enough! ;-( we miss them already) Then Hubby Docs folks came for a few days. (again, not long enough)
While they were here, every one got a turn on the new play toy. We've named her Ruby. She's a Honda Rubicon, so Ruby seemed like a good name.
Next week, Hubby Doc heads to Grandview, Washington for a five day gig, comes home for a few days, then we are off to Arizona for a two month job. Stay tuned for blogs on the road.