Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finding a sink for our new bathroom

I'm a little ashamed of myself. It's been months since I've blogged! But, the Farm is now wired, and I have no excuse for not blogging . We have state of the art, fiber optic internet, right here in the boonies of Eastern Oregon. So....Hello again, from the Farm.
We are doing a little remodel. The bathroom in the farmhouse, is not exactly the most functional space for a lot of company, so we are adding a bigger bath with a shower and bathtub with lots of room. I wanted to do something a little more useful with the vanity sink. Something big enough to bathe a baby or do a little laundry, and also unique. So I went online and found a vintage sink just like I wanted. Unfortunately, it had a big crack, was expensive (not to mention the shipping for a cast iron sink) and it was already sold. But the seed was planted. A few days later, on my way to town, I saw a sink......looked like what I wanted, but was across the river and up a gorge....hmmmm, it's worth checking out. So we put on our rubber waders and over the river we went. Here are the photos of our shopping trip, Eastern Oregon style.

Here is the sink I found online.

Heading up the gap, to take a look.

Hmmmm...looks ok....

100 yards down the hill, time for a break. It's really heavy.

We check out a Magpie nest on our next break.

Crossed part of the river, rested on the island before we tackle the deeper crossing.


One more leg. Phew!

Did I say it was heavy....

Finally, we make it to the road and car. finger is right on the spot where we started. Quite a hike with a cast iron sink for two old folks. We must be nuts...right?
Wrong! We are amazing! It's going to be perfect. I'll post photos when it finally finds its home in our bathroom.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. And it looks as if you scored a wider and better sink in the process. Love the E. Oregon 'extreme' shopping!

  2. This is brilliant. YOU are brilliant. How did I land such an incredible Mama?

  3. The effort you have made in finding AND carrying this heavy treasure will all be worth it in the end. A little finish and cleaning are just what it needs to look like new again. Have you already installed that sink in your bathroom? Please share the link to your post about installing it, if you already have. Thanks! :D
    Darcy Wallingford