Saturday, February 13, 2010

Goodbye Bermuda

Well, today is Hubby Docs last day of work. He is scheduled to fly out tomorrow at 9am. With some luck, it will happen. I don't know if you're following the weather, but it's nasty out there! Nothing is flying in or out right now because of high winds. The causeway, which connects the main islands, has been closed off and on. Hubby Doc was four hours late to work one day, and the crew ahead of him had to stay overnite, since they couldn't get home. Crazy!
So, keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully, his plane can get off the east coast, actually land in Bermuda, then have an opening into New York. If that happens, he should be OK. His final leg is LAX to Boise. I will be happy to have him safely home.
The pics are, stormy seas from the deck of our place, and a farewell sunset. It's been a great adventure, but, SEE YA!
Next job is in Washington state in March.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bermuda Digs

Boy! We really lucked out with our accommodations. Knowing how expensive food is in Bermuda, we requested a place with a kitchen. Kaneesha, really came through for us. Since it's the low season, she was able to get us a really cute apartment above a home, on Shelly Bay. We had water views on three sides, and an easy walk to the bus stop. We were able to cook,and make lunches for Hubby Doc to take to work. Saved us a bundle.
The grocery stores carry most things that we are used to seeing in the states. They are more expensive, but if you take the time to compare items, you can do OK.
The restaurants are faboo, but pricy, so it was nice to be able to eat out once in a while, and eat in as well.
If you work here, and don't have a kitchen, you could pick up a few cooking items at the local ACE Hardware and make do. A microwave ($150 to $175) and a coffee pot ($40) would pay off in the long run, and you could sell them before you leave.
Be sure to request at least, a room with a fridge and the bare necessities. Vista and the people at the Bermuda Hospital Board do try very hard to give you what you need.
Thanks Kanesha!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is Hubby Docs Birthday. So, Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Unfortunately, he had to work tonight. Here he is in front of the boat I wish I could have given him. Too bad, he's just getting a Bermuda teeshirt with a boat on it.

It's all about the Scooter!

Well, we had to do it. Even though the hospital board would prefer you did not rent a scooter while working for them, we just had to.
In Bermuda, there are no car rentals,so your options are, ride the bus, take a taxi, or rent a moped. Oh, or walk. We rented from Oleander Cycles Ltd. They have several locations, which is nice, because you can return your bike at any of them. A one day rental, is $55 for a double scooter, plus a $30 non-refundable maintenance fee. We got a 15% discount because we were with the Hospital Board. (funny, since they don't want you to rent one in the first place.) If you rent for over 7 days, it goes down to $20 a day. That's pretty reasonable.
So, off we went on our adventure. So fun to see the island on a moped. You do have to be very alert, as the Bermudians drive on the left. The roads here are very narrow, and everyone drives as fast as they can! It's freaky!! The locals on mopeds, pass anywhere. No kidding! They'll pass on a curve with cars coming in both directions! And as you can see from my pictures, the roads are not wide enough for that. It's a thrill!
We covered the island from one end to the other, then put it on the ferry and rode back to Hamilton. Great day!
Oh my Goodness! How did our darling Grandchildren get on this page! Sorry.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Office Visit

Roving Doc is working hard! The clinic is on the far east end of Bermuda, on St Davids Island. It is a state of the art facility, clean and well maintained. There is no lab, but they do have Xray. The staff, RNs and Xray techs, are skilled, friendly and competent.
Since it is an Urgent Care facility, he sees both adults and children. The patients are appreciative and gracious, much like the people of Bermuda.
The down side, is the hours. The clinic opens at 4pm, and closes at midnight on weekdays, and is open weekends from noon until midnight. OUCH! Tough shift. Luckily, our systems are on Pacific Time.
He's four weeks in, on a six week commitment, so feeling good about that!
Thanks for checking in. Leave a comment if you like.