Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bermuda chicks

Who knew Bermuda had so many stray chickens! Not a lot of feral cats, no stray dogs, haven't seen a wild pig, but everywhere you go there are chickens. At the beach, in the parking lots, at the forts, crossing the street, in the graveyards, on the golf course, you name it, they are there! Karen, you would love it.

PS Eggs are really cheep here!:-)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bermuda Bus System

Since Hubby Doc signed an agreement that he would not rent a moped, we've been getting to know the bus system. Turns out, Bermuda has a wonderful bus system that is easy and fun to use. We both got a monthly pass ($55.) which gives you unlimited use on the bus and the ferry. The bus runs from early morning until 11:30ish and covers most the island. The drivers are helpful, and will tell you which stop you need for your sightseeing. You can walk to most tourist sites from the bus stops.
The local children and senior citizens, ride for free. So the bus is also the school bus. You might want to keep that in mind, as the buses get pretty full when school lets out. We actually enjoy being on the bus with the kids, they're fun to listen to. They are also very polite.
Using the bus from the airport doesn't work out too well, as they don't allow large suitcases. If you travel light though, you could catch the bus, if you have exact change. A taxi ride will be costly!
Getting to work on time for Hubby Doc was a concern. He had spoken to other docs who had been here, and they were taking cabs and using the bus, or whatever they could arrange ,at their expense. He expressed this concern to Vista, and with a little magic and fairydust, the hospital shuttle picks him up every day, then brings him home at night. Very important, since he gets off at midnight.
Signing off 'til next time. C.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some favorite shots

Stay tuned!

Eye Candy from Bermuda

Just a few island shots to hold you over.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time for a little more sightseeing

Well, Hubby Doc had three days off when I arrived, worked one day, then was off for another day. So, we jumped on the bus and headed for the southside of the island. We saw lots of lovely beaches, which we will visit on a sunny day. Hopped off at the dockyard to see a few things we missed the first time, then went to an old cemetery where the sailors were buried. Very interesting. Many of the gravestones were from the late 1700's and early 1800,s.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello from Bermuda

Well, I made it to Bermuda! Yay! Happy to see my roving Hubby Doc!

After several days of bad weather before I came, Hubby Doc was happy to see me, and the good weather I brought along from California. We had three days of lovely weather as you can see from the photos.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bermuda, Here we come

The job we have in January and February is in Bermuda. The Hubby Doc is already there, and I head out next week. So stay tuned for my next post from Bermuda.

Peace and Blessings to all in the New Year!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

St. Mary's in Cottonwood

Next stop, Cottonwood, Idaho. This is the train trestle that was behind the house we stayed in. Hubby Doc and a friend had to climb up and check out the view. Gorgeous country and a super little hospital with friendly people. We really enjoyed this gig. The house we stayed in was big enough to have visitors, so our friends came up from our home town for a weekend. We had a great time going to a Pow Wow in a nearby town. So crazy, we ran into a Doc that used to work with my hubby at the Pow Wow. He retired and is living in the area.

Hubby Doc liked seeing the Native American patients in the clinic. He especially liked the elderly people who told him of some of the folklore. Having some Indian heritage of his own, he is very interested in the culture.

Another weekend, we took a car trip up toward the north to see the Palouse. That is a high grassy plain. Vistas as far as you could see,with nothing but wheat fields. Lots of cute little towns and friendly people.

Thanks Cottonwood. We wouldn't mind going back there.

Yes, I know, It's mixed up!

So, my daughter helped me pull this together, and I'm trying to catch up on a years worth of jobs. Bear with me while I figure this out. The Tacoma job was in Nov. and Dec. of 2008. The Welton job was Feb. and Mar. of 2009. We will get current soon.

Next, off to Welton, Arizona

Here is the amazing staff at the Welton clinic. These ladies were a big help to the Roving Doc. Since he doesn't se habla espanol, he would have really been up a creek without their help. The patient load vacillated between local Mexican families, and the snowbirds, in town for the beautiful weather.

It just so happened that a remodel was going on at the clinic while hubby Doc was filling in. The fellow that was doing the remodel was very nice, and the ladies liked having him around. One day a patient came in. The poor woman had her hand stuck in some kind of kitchen appliance. The hubby Doc asked for the heavy duty cutters, and everyone looked puzzled. Apparently, they didn't keep cutters on hand. Luckily the handyman was there, working on the remodel. Hubby Doc went and found him, went through his tool box, found what he needed and freed the womans hand. You never know what will walk into a clinic. It's good to know, that with a tool box, a little duck tape and some yankee ingenuity, you can be on your way!

We loved the area. Very beautiful, as you can see by the photos, and we stayed in a great place, right by a golf course. It doesn't get much better than that!

The last day hubby Doc worked, the ladies brought in amazing mexican food for lunch, including a tres leche cake. YUM!

First Post for the Roving Doc

Hey Everybody! Welcome to the Roving Doc.

After thirty years in a busy practice, my hubby Doc left to try something new. He signed on with Vista staffing solutions, and off we went to work some temporary jobs in new locations. We don't know, could be crazy, could be great! Tag along with us, and let's see.

First stop, Tacoma, Washington. Two months in the worst weather they've seen in a long time. Not only a challenge weather wise (we're from central California) but, quite a challenge on the job for hubby Doc. Community Health Care in several clinics scattered around the area. While he dealt with lots of staff, different computer programs (why can't they find one that works for all practices) and tons of sick people, I explored the city. Lots of beautiful neighborhoods with great shopping.

We lucked out when we checked in to The Red Lion. Lisa and her staff made us feel like family. They even invited us to their Christmas party.

Not bad for our first job, but we did decide that two months is the absolute max for a job.

The pictures were taken from our hotel. Mt. Ranier was spectacular!