Friday, July 30, 2010


Bear with me. Hubby Doc is in Winslow, and I'm in Dallas. We've been apart for three weeks, and I'm missing him and homesick for our beloved Eagle Farm. Pictures from home.

A refreshing dip in Eagle Creek!

Mr. Toad and Hubby Doc on a wild ride!

Local traffic jam.

This looks cool and inviting.

A visit from one of the grandbabies.

Solving the worlds problems.

Getting ready for a fire and some star gazing.

Boys are always fascinated by big tractors.

Miss you honey, wish we were here!........;-)

Thanks everyone, that was better therapy than seeing a counselor.

Monday, July 26, 2010

No Baby Yet

Well, no baby yet, here in Dallas. Her due date was yesterday, and she is more than ready. We keep busy with Walker(photo of him enjoying a cake ball, a very special treat!)and last night we went out for a grownup dinner at a lovely restaurant. I'll keep you posted.
Hubby Doc had a good weekend. His brother flew up to Winslow in his private plane for a short visit. Had to cut it short, because some bad weather came in. While he was seeing him off, he met three pilots, who got stranded because they couldn't fly to their final destination. To the rescue! Hubby Doc drove them to Show Low, about 80 miles away, and really enjoyed their company. They wanted him to stay the night and golf with them, but, of course, he had to work today. He was happy, to at least get the chance to see their planes and check out the airport. (sorry no pics of his adventure, I've got the camera with me)
Hope you all had a good weekend. ;-)

Cooling off in the front yard. (trying)

To my Hubby Doc......

Friday, July 23, 2010

Scattered Family

This post finds the family scattered all over. I'm in Dallas waiting for my daughter to 'pop', as her two year old puts it. We are joined by Gramie Betsy, from Seattle, and having fun while we wait. (and drinking a little wine)
My son is in Scotland visiting his dad, who lives in Gardenstown. He is seeing a lot of countryside and enjoying cooking the fresh fish that comes into the harbor, across the street from his dads home. I'm pretty jealous. It's in the 60s there. (did I mention, it's freakin HOT in Dallas?)
Meanwhile Hubby Doc is left, slaving away at the Indian Health Care clinic in Winslow. He is looking for his wifee to come back soon. (I will, I promise, Honey!)
Back in California, Hubbys kids are enjoying birthdays and beach time in Cayucos. Sorry, no pictures.
When I get back to Winslow, I'll post about the job he is working.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Exploring Winslow

Took off on a day trip around Winslow and discovered some lovely scenery. In case you didn't know, Winslow is on the Santa Fe Railroad route. Over a hundred trains go through here everyday, including Amtrack, twice a day. Next door to the train depot, is the La Posada Historic Hotel. An original Harvey Inn and Restaurant. So beautiful and fortunately, being restored by new owners. The old hotel was shut down years ago, and it became headquarters for the Santa Fe Railroad for 30 years. It's now an amazing restaurant, and hotel featuring 60 rooms, all decorated in fabulous antiques and southwest style decor. I took a tour given by the Winslow Harvey Girls, that was quite imformative and fun. The prices are very good for the rooms, and the food is amazing and priced fairly as well. So, if you are ever in Winslow and you get tired of 'standing on the corner', go check out the La Posada. You'll be glad you did!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Off to Winslow

Well, we are on the road again. We left our Oregon Farm and headed straight to Salt Lake City to see our Vista gang. Hubby Doc was happy to get a chance to thank everyone for all the help he's gotten the last twenty months. He was also honored to receive the framed award for Locum Tenen of the year. (of course, our good friend Dan was quick to point out how sorry the rest of the Docs must be, if he got the award! Thanks Dan.) Then, there was the question from his dad. How many were there in the pool? Anyway, I'm so proud of him. I think he's the best Doc in the world. We loved seeing the staff, and had a lovely dinner with a couple of the gals. Thanks everyone!
The next morning, we were off to Cedar City, where our son-in-law was working with the Shakespeare Festival. Luckily, we caught him on his last day there. Had a quick lunch, then took in a play. It was so great to see him and we loved the play!
We drove east to the Cedar Breaks Monument, then traveled on to Kanab, where we spent the night in the Historic Perry Lodge. Took in the 4th of July Parade, then headed to Flagstaff, Az.
Lots of beautiful country, then the vast desert of Winslow.
Hubby starts work on Tuesday with Indian Health Care. So, more news then.
Happy 4th of July America!