Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Bye Winslow

Today was Hubby Doc's last day. The folks at the clinic had a potluck at lunch for him and also got him a groovy cake! He was very pleased. I think he is really excited about the figures on the cake. Their laser swords light up. I'm sure we'll have to try them out tonight when it gets dark! Anyway, it was a good gig, but we've been away for two months, and we're so ready to be home on the range. Here are some parting shots.

Just a few of the staff.

I want this truck.....SWEET!

The famous corner.

Over 100 trains go through here everyday!

The next job is back in Idaho, starting in October, so blogging will be spotty for a while. Have a great September.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clouds and Meteor Crater

While Hubby Doc works, I play! I headed out to Meteor Crater early one morning before it got too hot. It's only twenty miles from Winslow, so I dropped him at work and took off. It is the best preserved meteor, so they say, and I believe it. Really interesting to see the visitors center and take a short walking tour. I highly recommend it.

I'm back in Dallas with my new grandbaby for the week, while Hubby Doc finishes up this gig. I fly back on Sunday, and his last day is Tuesday. Then, it's back to the farm for a little while. YIPPEEEE!!!!

Here are some shots of the crater, and the clouds around Winslow. They have the most beautiful skies! Lots of rainbows too, but I didn't catch any of those.

This is the edge of the crater, way off in the distance.

This cute guy kept getting in front of my cloud shots!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hubby's Commute to Dilkon

About twice a week, Hubby goes to one of the outlying clinics. Here is the commute to Dilkon, a 45 minute drive north east of Winslow.
Usually, there is a waiting room full when he arrives on the van with the other staff members. Most of the Native Americans don't bother making an appointment since they don't have cars. They just show up when they can get a ride and wait their turn. The system seems to work for them, but it's pretty rough on the medical staff. You really have to be flexible, and fly by the seat of your pants!

This clinic is on the reservation.

Not a lot of traffic.
Don't fence me in. Drive with care, these guys are out in the open.

No problem, you are driving in beauty the entire way out to Dilkon.

STOP! Here we are, welcome to the Dilkon Clinic.

Surgery room.
Hubby Doc's favorite thing, the COMPUTER. ;-(

Hubby is winding down this gig. Less than two weeks now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Wow Weekend in Sedona

Work hard, and reward yourself with some R and R. We went to Sedona over the weekend to meet up with Hubby Docs brother and wife. Had a great time and LOVED the scenery.
Overlooking the golf course and villas.

Out the back door of our villa.

Sporting our Vista tee shirts.

From the Sedona Airport overlook.

A look back at Oak Creek Canyon.

P.S. Thank you to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers for Charles Baird. He is now home with his family and doing very well. He's a fighter! My new name for him, after being among the Navajo, is Charlie Fighting Bear. Here he is, taking a little snooze.