Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joining the St. Mary's Team

Hubby Doc starts the new year with a contract with St. Marys in Cottonwood, Idaho. They love him, he loves them, so it's a perfect match. He will work on a part time basis, which will still give him time to work an occasional job with Vista, and work on our place in Oregon. It's a four and a half hour commute, so he is home on weekends, or I can slip up for a visit. I am visiting right now, so I'll show a few pictures of my trip up.

Came upon these guys while driving along the Snake River.

Hubby Doc sees them all the time, but this was my first sighting.

The bald eagles are back too, I saw about a dozen in all. Watched several fishing in the Snake.

This is an abandoned train station in Council. So picturesque in the snow.

Sunset in the rear view mirror.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Whoa! 2011 already?!!

Happy New Year. Good grief, has it been a month since I blogged. So sorry, let's catch up.Hubby Doc worked until the 17th of December in Cottonwood and then we headed to California, to spend the Holidays with family and friends. He doesn't go back to work until January 17th, so we have a nice break.

We head out of our hometown, in Oregon, in this! Crazy snow in Oregon and Idaho, and even into Nevada. It was really beautiful, although a little schetchy for driving. Stayed overnight in Reno, and made it to our holiday destination the next day. Happy to see sunshine!!

Here is our first sunset on Christmas Eve.

And here is our home away from home, parked in our daughters driveway, for the next several days. Good to have our own little place to escape to when it gets too hectic.

I think the cat feels the same way. Paper bags are also a good place to hide!

Played games (notice my 84 pointer in the upper left corner) Boooyah!!

Danced the Nutcracker,

Opened gifts with the Grandbabies,

Hula Hooped!

Watched the girls cook,
And ate our weight in crab legs. (Phew!)

We were all stuffed. Time for naps.

We enjoyed a good walk the next day with the kids. Great views from the hill above Cayucos.

We then snuck away for a quiet lunch at Sebastians. Amazing french dip!

The old school in San Simeon, across the field from Sebastians, Hearst Castle on the hill above.

And the newest member of the family, (tada!) our daughter and husbands new restaurant. They bought it about nine months ago and are really getting it ship/shape. We are so happy, because this has always been our favorite bar and restaurant. Now it's part of the family! We call it our Grandbar. If your in Cayucos, it's the BEST>

New Years Day Polar Bear Dip. Too chicken to go in (it was raining and pretty dang cold) so I took photos.( Notice Schooners in the back ground.)

There are some crazy, brave folks around here! Even an 82 year old participated!

A few beach shots. It's been gorgeous most of the week.

And finally, I leave you with this sunset. I hope you all have a year of good health, prosperity, joy, and too many blessings to count.