Saturday, February 4, 2012


This is one of those times, when life is bittersweet. Yesterday was Roving Docs birthday, and with all the fun of good wishes, also came the memories of losing his sweet father last year. Dad took off for his final flight 2/4/11, and we still miss him every day. Docs daughter sent him a book of poems for his birthday, and this one seemed appropriate. Dad, this one is for you.

After Your Death

The first time we said your name
you broke through the flat crust of your grave
and rose, a movable statue,
walking and talking among us.

Since then you've grown a little.
We keep you slightly larger
than life-size, reciting bits of your story,
our favorite odds and ends.
Of all your faces we've chosen one
for you to wear, a face wiped clean
of sadness. Now you have no other.

You're in our power. Do we
terrify you, do you wish
for another face? Perhaps
you want to be left in darkness.

But you have no say in the matter.
As long as we live, we keep you
from dying your real death,
which is being forgotten. We say,
we don't want to abandon you,
when we mean we can't let you go.

Lisel Mueller

We also say goodbye to our sister-in laws mother this week. I wish we could have gotten her up to our little farm. She was a true country girl. I wish she could have taught me a few things about canning, cooking, cows and chickens. Emma Lu, we'll see you in the stars tonight.


  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Farewell Emma Lu...

  2. Telling and re-telling family stories is the living legacy! Great poem and so true. The photos - amazing!